Irina Serotyuk - accordion player from Ukraine

Press about Irina Serotyuk

During the recent two years, they have made their name on the international music scene. They went towards their aim silently, decently and stubbornly. Irina and Mariya Serotyuk from Ukraine celebrated their great success, having received two first prizes in the international music contest Premio di Castelfidaro, Italy. As a duet, they were awarded a first prize in the chamber music category, and Irina was awarded a first prize in the category of soloists under eighteen years old.

Both sisters were born in the village of Romankivtsi, which is located in a famous historical region of Ukraine, known as Bukovina. One hundred years ago, this region was a province of Austro-Hungarian empire. Currently the region borders with Romania and Moldova. The young ladies, of seventeen and fifteen years old correspondingly, were born in a musically talented family.

Since their childhood, they both were interested in music. They played music and sang songs, mainly Ukrainian ones, together with their parents. Being of seven years old, they started to learn accordion playing. Their father taught them to play the instrument.

He is a famous music pedagogue and methodologist. His books on the music teaching methods were published in both countries Ukraine and Russia, and until now, they are still popular. He was an ideal teacher for the girls, and this resulted in their significant progress.

Being seventeen years old Irina presently possesses seventeen first prizes, among them is the first prize, given her in a famous music festival Vogtländischen Musiktage, Klingenthal, Germany. She received her first prize in a music contest named after Zolotariov, Vladivostok, Russia, when she was about nine. Her younger sister Mariya is also a musically talented girl. She also possesses numeral awards, received in different music contests and festivals.

Together with their father, the sisters took part in the festivals in Novgorod, Russia, Limbaži, Latvia and Palanga, Lithuania. There the sisters performed as musicians, and their father conducted seminars and master-classes. For a long period, Professor Volodymyr Besfamilnov, an outstanding Ukrainian pedagogue and virtuoso, has consulted the sisters. His students are virtuosos throughout the world. Now both sisters Irina and Mariya Serotyuk are in Odessa, Ukraine and they attend classes by Volodymyr Murza, an accordion player, pedagogue and virtuoso.

Newspaper Intermusic, January 2006