Irina Serotyuk - accordion player from Ukraine

Petro Serotyuk

Petro Fedorovych Serotyuk is an accordion teacher-methodologist at the children's music school in the town of Sokyryany, Chernivtsi Province, Ukraine. He is an honored cultural worker of Ukraine. He conducted numerous methodological seminars and master-classes both in provincial centers of Ukraine and abroad. He is the author of two manuals for young accordionists; one of them has been published in Moscow, Russia. The manuals are based on original and effective methods, combining accordion playing technique and solfeggio.

Petro F. Serotyuk compiled many music books; he is a contracted music editor at a publishing house Navchalna Knyha - Bohdan, Ternopil, Ukraine. He prepared for publication more than forty music books, which includes pieces by famous composers, written for accordion playing. Among them are V. Zubytskyy, V. Vlasov, V. Zolotarev, A. Repnikov, E. Derbenko, V. Semenov, T. Lundkwist, Ju. Ganzer, K. Olchak, H. Walpol, H. Boll, V. Richter, Yu. Peshkov, and others.

Many of his books were published in the previously mentioned publishing house and were highly estimated by specialists not only in Ukraine, but also in many foreign countries.